Ang Hill Brand Story: Spread Positivity and Give Back

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

You might have wondered where the "ya luk gud" idea came from. No, it isn't a spelling mistake (LOL). Here is the Ya Luk Gud Story:

Many moons ago when my husband, Rob, was still my boyfriend (circa 2010), he would say to me "ya look good." He would say it in a really funny accent, think Cher from Clueless like a valley-girl.

I thought it was hilarious, and it always made me laugh. He thought it should be spelled phonetically "ya Luk Gud," so that you could really understand the pronunciation (he's a funny one). 

As the years passed, the saying stuck and one day I decided to make a t-shirt for him just for fun... Then the saying spread to my friends and they wanted shirts too. I noticed that every time someone would read the saying on the shirts, they would smile or laugh. It became a trademark for fun and making people smile.

My first logo design :)

Fast forward 8 years to when Ang Hill was founded in 2018. I wanted my brand to be not only about helping women look good, but also about helping women feel good. That gave new life to the ya luk gud logo. I knew that people would love the saying. To this day, when I see a new customer's face light up when they read the logo, it brings me so much joy.

I knew that in order to spread positivity the logo had to be about more than just making people smile, so I knew that I also wanted to give back to an important charity that really resonated with me.

Ya Luk Gud is all about spreading positivity.

At our Breath for PF charity event last summer, my favourite meditation instructor, Jane Marshall, attended and led our meditation at the end of the evening. While Jane and I were catching up during the event, Jane mentioned that she had co-founded a charity called The Compassion Project. The charity was founded in Edmonton and supports a small community of people in Tsum, Nepal. There is no road access, so in order to visit, it is a 7 day trek to travel to Tsum. The Compassion Project has built a healthcare centre and kindergarten. I knew right then that this was the charity that I would support with ya luk gud and that I would one day visit. And so a new philosophy was born...

Luk gud on the outside, FEEL gud on the inside.

This brand is about having fun, but it also stands for much much more. Each time one of my shirts or necklances is sold, $5 goes to support this amazing locally founded charity. Read more about this important charity here.

Newest shirt design: A fresh feminine, more subtle design :) Can purchase here.

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