Our brand is a feel good brand, you will love this story... – Ang Hill
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Our brand is a feel good brand, you will love this story...

The Holly cardigan is named after my dear friend, Holly. Her and I are soul sisters on the same journey of self discovery. We share a passion for everything new age and have helped each other through many challenges! AND we have had many adventures together!


The adventure that sticks out most in my mind is a super cool story of sisterhood + destiny!

A few years ago, Holly and I went on a 10 day silent meditation retreat in Maui. The retreat was a life changing experience in SO many ways. Not talking for 10 days was a challenge (tbh we cheated and snuck in some late night talks haha), meditating all day every day was next level and I had some terrible experiences (in silence) with some of Maui's largest insects Yes, I have an insect phobia....

At the end of it, we both came out changed people with a deeper friendship! I believe it was destiny that we went because a year later Holly ended up moving to Maui to live her best life. I miss her every day, but we remain close because we have a strong connection + friendship.

So, to me, the Holly cardigan is a celebration of friendship, support + living your best life!

I hope you all have a Holly in your life... someone who supports you, gets you and who will join you on all of life's adventures! 

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xoxo Ang Hill (owner + designer)


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