3 Tips to Wear Straight Leg Jeans with Boots in 2022 – Ang Hill
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How to Wear Straight Leg Jeans with Boots

Hi Friend!
Styling this style of jeans with boots can seem difficult! The good news is it’s actually pretty simple to pull off when you break it down!
Woman wearing black turtleneck and straight leg jeans with ankle boots
There are three main things you want to keep in mind when pairing straight leg jeans with boots:
Length of your jeans. You don’t want your jeans to be too cropped or you risk cold ankles. It is better to have them on the longer side, as you can always hem them (or cut them off). The bottom hem of your jeans should sit just above your natural ankle.
Width of the top of your boot. The boot MUST fit SNUG around the ankle. Since the bottom of your jeans are already wide, you don’t want to add more width with a bulky boot. A sock boot or combat boot work perfectly!
Height of boot. The boot should come up to mid shaft of your calf so you don’t expose your ankles to the cold. An ankle boot will likely be too low.

Here is an example of what NOT to do:


There are two things wrong here… the jeans are too short and the boots are too wide at the top. Her ankles are exposed and appear wider than they are.
Here is an example of a great jean and boot combo:
These jeans sit at the right spot (just above her natural ankle) and her boots are narrow at the ankle. A winning look!
Now get out there and be fabulous in your straight leg jeans!
xo Ang Hill


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