You Are Enough: Love Label Story – Ang Hill
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You Are Enough: Love Label Story

I have a story to share with you... The other day, a dear customer of mine told me something beautiful. Something that I will remember forever...

I met her last year at a market. She purchased a Love Scrunchie from me. Her Love Scrunchie had a Love Label which said "You are Enough."

Over the year, she continued to buy more Love Scrunchies from me, all with the same Love Label, "You are Enough."

I just thought to myself that she was maybe buying them as gifts and didn't think much of it...

Then, a few weeks ago, she purchased another Love Scrunchie from me with the same saying and told me her story...

The day she came to the market, she was feeling extremely depressed, at her lowest. When she stumbled upon Ang Hill and our scrunchies, she found one with the Love Label "you are enough" she said it instantly made her feel better! She said it was a pivotal moment for her and that the Love Label has continued to help her.

So much so that she ended up having the Love Label tattooed on her arm... WOW!


Before I heard this, I was starting to doubt that Ang Hill was making a difference... And it turns out, it was! This goes to show that even the seemingly small things can have the BIGGEST impact on the lives of others. Everything we say and do can affect someone else so much more than we will every know...

I love this story. I am extremely grateful for this customer and her story. We BOTH helped each other.

I am also so grateful for all of you reading this and for the wonderful opportunity to share my art and my passion with you all.

After all, it's the little things in life that end up meaning the most.


xx Ang


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